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Systematic Business Innovation

Only four steps, but they are not trivial:

Progressive Hybrid Design

Progressive Hybrid Design is a holistic strategy that incorporates elements and processes from diverse fields in a rigorous way to solve very difficult problems/challenges.

Advanced Reliability Engineering

Advanced Reliability Practices for Improving Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Performance.

These module titles may seem basic and familiar, but they are likely to be much more rigorous than what you are used to.

Five training modules covering:

New Product Development

Uses Systematic Business Innovation, Progressive Hybrid Design, and Cognitive-Behavioral Causal Analysis.

Incorporates key elements from "Blue Ocean Strategy", "Jobs to be Done", and books from other thought leaders.

From "TRIZ Power Tools" by Larry Ball, at, there are several key skills to be mastered:

Product/Process Improvement

Also Uses Systematic Business Innovation, Progressive Hybrid Design, and Cognitive-Behavioral Causal Analysis.

We have especially deep experience and expertise with Reliability Engineering.

Note: these approaches are far more advanced and powerful than Six-Sigma and Lean.  (They are valuable, not but adequate for this level of analysis and improvement.

Data Analytics

We focus on three basic types of analytics for use in driving decisions

We have experience and expertise that enables us to work in a wide range of different domains.

We don't subscribe to a one-size-fits-all approach, i.e., we adapt and pull in additional experts and research as needed.

Cognitive-Behavioral Causal Analysis 

An important part of Progressive Hybrid Design.

Whether or not it is clear that a human is somehow involved in the process, they probably are.

Addresses several often-ignored areas of causes, e.g.


Cognitive Bias




Social Norms

Crowd Influence

Group Dynamics


Criteria for crime

Contributing factors

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