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Any of these can be combined. Each one can be delivered as an overview,  a short or long training class, or as a customized workshop.

More detail is available in this document.

Advanced Reliability Engineering

AI-Assisted Advanced Reliability Practices for Improving Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Performance.

These module titles may seem basic and familiar, but they are likely to be much more rigorous than what you are used to.

Five training modules covering:


Science-Based Causal Analysis

aka Physics-Based Causal Analysis

Science-Based Causal Analysis is a method of understanding and analyzing systems and phenomena by using principles from science to identify and quantify causal relationships. 

Far more rigorous that common techniques used today, including better breadth and depth.

This method identifies key contradictions at the heart of the toughest problems, and frames them in such a way that they can be solved completely with TRIZ.


Open Source TRIZ

Exploiting Artificial Intelligence

Utilizing AI Tools to:


Cognitive-Behavioral Analysis 

Whether or not it is clear that a human is somehow involved in the process, they probably are.

Addresses several often-ignored areas of causes, e.g.


Cognitive Bias




Social Norms

Crowd Influence

Group Dynamics


Criteria for crime

Contributing factors


Examples & Case Studies

Cheatsheets on Cognitive Bias

Generating Elegant Solutions with TRIZ

TRIZ is an approach that combines an organized and systematic method for problem solving with analysis and forecasting techniques derived from the study of patterns of invention in the global patent literature.

It is a huge body of knowledge that is not quick or easy to learn, and therefore it is not wide spread.

Other popular methods are more easiily learned, but the capability of TRIZ is far superior.

Instead of striving for incremental improvement as is done with Six Sigma.  The expectation with TRIZ is to completely eliminate the problem, with powerful and systematic approach.

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